SP submerged pump is a vertical centrifugal slurry pump designed to deliver abrasive, coarse-grained, high-concentration slurries without the need of any gland seal or seal water, and capable of working normally under inadequate suction rates. The flow parts of SP pump are all constructed from wear-resistant alloy material. The standard submerged depth is 1.5m. Based on the level of the slurry pond, different lengths of pump transmission shafts or suction tubes can be selected. Multiple speed and frequency options guarantee the optimal operating status, a long service life and high operating efficiency across a range of adverse delivery conditions.

Designed to deliver corrosive, coarse-grained, high-concentration slurries; widely applied to metallurgy, mining, coal, power service, building material and environmental protection.,& etc

Head: 4~36m
Discharge: 7~1300m3/h
Maximum efficiency 65%; 
Maximum rated power: 200kW.