Standard: JB/T8096-2013 Centrifugal slurry pumps
GB/T10888-1989 Centrifugal slurry pumps: Type and basic parameters,& etc


BZ slag pump is a new generation of slag pump series that incorporates the merits of its domestic and overseas counterparts, with provisions for the particularities of China. All its flow parts are constructed from one of the dozen grades of highly wear-resistant alloy material jointly developed by the company and our research institute partners to address different types of media and applications (operating conditions). With material hardness of 45~65HRC, the flow parts provide high wear resistance in addition to good shock rigidity. Our latest NM# provides a hardness of up to 70HRC, broadening our product market potential in terms of material application.

This series is designed to delivering the liquid medium with the highly abrasive, high-concentration slurries containing solid particles in the fields as electric power, coal mine, metallurgy and mining, and urban construction,& etc.

Discharge: 4~6000m3/h
Head: 5~128m
Maximum efficiency 86%; 
Maximum rated power: 1400kW; 
Allows multistage series connection.