Standard: MT/T114-2005 multistage centrifugal pumps for coal mine,& etc.

Our MDS series wear-resistant, double-suction, multistage centrifugal pump used for mine application features high efficiency, high cavitation immunity, compact structure and reliable service. Its critical parts are produced by the wear-resistant alloy material that secures long service cycle of the pump. Two-way intake of the first-stage impeller greatly increases the suction height. A wear monitor for the balance system monitors wear conditions of the balancing pair to ensure that the pump is working in its optimal status.

Designed to drain water in all kinds of mines, especially to delivering poor-quality water containing a little coal dust, sediment or weakly corrosive liquid, and other similar sewages; also applicable for drainage of cities and factories.

Discharge: 6.3~700m3/h
Head: 50~1500m
Maximum efficiency 82%; 
Maximum rated power: 4500kW
Maximum liquid temperature: 80℃