Standard: GB/T13008-2010 Mixed and axial flow pumps: Technical specifications, & etc


All the ZWP series members are vertical construction furnished with a vertical motor. The pump consists of the pump body and its transmission part. The former includes an inlet tube, an impeller, a guide, a direct tube, an elbow, a pump shaft, rubber bearings, a coupling and seals. The inlet tube consists of a bell for minor pumps and a concrete-poured inlet passage for large ones. The two rubber bearings, which receive radial forces, are lubricated by clear water before the pump is started. The axial forces of the pump are received by the transmission part, and the bearings in the transmission gear are oil lubricated. The vertical motor is mounted on the motor base, and coupled by an elastic coupling to the transmission shaft, which is coupled by a rigid coupling to the pump shaft. Viewed down from the motor, the pump impeller rotates clockwise.
ZWP drainage-sewage axial-flow pump features low head and large Discharge.


Designed to deliver liquids containing solid particles or fibers, and extremely dirty, sticky or slippery liquids; applicable for delivering storm/sewage at urban or rural water (waterlogging) drainage pump houses (stations) or enterprises, and for agricultural irrigation,& etc.

Head: 1.4~9.5m
Discharge: 235~39600m3/h